WHO press release on Tuesday on YouTube Live cleared many questions of minds and one of the questions is about Covid-19 vaccine phase three trial.

Dr Maria van Kerkhoue says This is just great news promising news about vaccination and vaccine against Covid-19.

As we put it every day we are learning more and more positive news about vaccines that are showing promising results in phase three trials.

We are moving one step closer to the possibility of vaccinating individuals also said that there are tonnes of work is going on in the space not only in the development of clinical trials themselves but also in getting countries ready for vaccination.

Positivity adds hope and you know later at the end of Covid-19.

Dr Mike Ryan say to calm down to people when Covid-19 vaccination starts.

Twelve months is a great effort to control some of the aspects and we also make an Ebola vaccine this is great news but we are working harder for making the vaccine more efficient.

Vaccination is important but before vaccination, we have to ready psychologically and think about ourselves as well as our community.

We have great technology and experienced engineers who are working very hard so that we will produce more vaccines and down the price of it.

Our workers working hard for making vaccine easily deliverable at non-government province so that people of the non-government region also get the vaccine.

We will make it soon because every organization with us are working hard to make vaccines more and more efficient, nothing is perfect but we will make it together. 


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