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Rashid sohail author of brellur
Rashid sohail author of brellur

Rashid Sohail is an Author and Creator of this website

I am Rashid Sohail author and creator of this website from Bihar, India. I always want to do something which provides benefits to peoples so, I start studying from biology stream and completed Higher Education from Biological science.

I have done many certification courses such as Nutrition, Health, Biomedical, Yoga, Fitness, Diet.

I was born in 20 may 2000.

My father is a business man and we have a business of building materials reselling.

My mother is a House wife.

I am very curious from childhood and always try to explore the various fields of study so, I can gain knowledge more and more, and due to this curiousness, I have also done various courses from different field of studies such as Travel and Tourism, Technology, Coding Languages, Professional logo designing, Video Editing, Digital Marketing, Consumer behavior and Many more.

I am also a Poet and contributed in 3 to 4 books as well.

I recently got the certificate of General Fitness Trainer and also got the WHO superhero certificate.

My motive for this blog is to provide information for the Healthy Environment so, I have taken various pledges and also got the certificate for the pledges.

Some of the pledges are

  1. Drug-free Environment
  2. Covid Awareness.

you can contact me at Whatsapp: “7492080438” and verify these certificates if you want to.