We know the modern world has evolved from time to time and the lifestyle of people also evolve so, maybe Lewy body dementia fast decline. Let’s talk about Each and every aspect of this disease.

Talking about diseases, this whole life will end, reading, there are some common and dangerous diseases that we know, such a disease will talk of Lewy Body Disease today.

Lewy body disease is named as the scientist who first discovered it.  Whose name was Dr. Friederich Lewy.

Dr. Friederich Lewy observed that some uneven proteins are accumulating in the cell body of the neuron cell of the brain, which causes Parkinson’s disease.  The same uneven protein deposition is today known as Lewy bodies.

Lewy body disease | Lewy body dementia
Lewy body disease | Lewy body dementia

A lump of a protein called alpha-synuclein is formed in the neuron cells of the brain, due to which the patient has to face many problems, this lump which is formed in the cell body, due to which the synapsis area is greatly damaged.  However, since the synapsis area is very essential for any type of communication of the neuron so, most of our body functions are affected in Lewy body disease.

As these accumulations increase, the neuron becomes damaged, and eventually, the neuron cells die.

The Lewy body affects the following parts of our brain.

Cerebral cortex: It is also called the cerebral mantle, it is the outer layer of the neural tissue of our cerebrum.

The cerebral cortex is essential for the very important function of our body such as Intelligence determination, Personality Determination, Motor Function, Planning, Sensation of touch, etc.

The Limbic Cortex: The limbic system is also known as paleomammalian, it is present below our temporal lobe.

The limbic cortex is very essential for our life, such as self-presentation, finding food, and emotional behavior, etc.

The Hippocampus: The Hippocampus is part of the limbic system of our body, it is found in our medial temporal lobe.

It transfers our short term memory to long term memory and helps in remembering.

The Midbrain: The midbrain is also known as mesencephalon.

The midbrain helps in our motor movement, plays a special role in eye movement, and performs our auditory and visual processing.

Basal Ganglia: Basal ganglia is the part of cerebrum and located at the base of the forebrain and top of the midbrain.

The basal ganglia are mainly responsible for motor control of our body but also plays an important role in our learning, emotional behaviors, reinforcement, addiction, and habit formation.

The Brain stem: It connects different parts of our body with our brain.

It controls the important function of our body, such as breathing, swallowing, heart rate, blood pressure, consciousness, and sleep-wake cycle.

Olfactory cortex: This is part of our body Cerebral Cortex and helps in the process of olfaction.

Causes of Lewy Body disease

No one can say what causes Lewy body disease, because no scientific proof has yet been revealed.

Scientists are trying to find out its main reasons and some scientists are trying to understand its genetics and biology.

Factors that can lead to Lewy body disease.

Some diseases and health conditions mainly Parkinson’s disease and Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder, increase the chances of Lewy body disease.

According to some research, it is also considered a genetic disorder because if someone in your family had Lewy body disease then your chances of getting Lewy body disease are high.

Lewy body disease | Lewy body dementia
Lewy body disease | Lewy body dementia

Overlaping disorder Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neuro-progressive system disorder, in which the motor areas of the brain are mainly affected, and as a result, people are unable to perform their daily movements.  In the initial phase, facial expression stops, and the hand movement also starts to decrease while walking.  As the disease progresses, the body movements go on stopping, and eventually, the person dies, there is no cure yet, but some brain surgery can reduce its symptoms but cannot cure it completely.

Some of its symptoms which are very common are as follows

  1.  Muscle Stiffness
  2. Speech problem
  3. Bradykinesia (slowed movement)
  4. Impaired postures
  5. Reflex action loss etc.

What are the first signs of Lewy body dementia?

As a lot of research has revealed that the early symptoms of Lewy body disease may be different at different ages, but the most common ones seen in the early stages are Confusion, diffuse hallucination, change in thinking, etc.

How do Lewy body patients die?

A neuron is a very important part of our body, or if we say that if the brain is called the center of the body, then the reason for that is the neuron because neuron has an important role in the coordination of the functions of our body.  Due to the damage of this neuron, Lewy body disease occurs, then the patient dies.

Is Lewy body dementia worse than Alzheimer’s?

If we compare, then definitely Lewy body disease is dangerous than Alzheimer because Lewy body disease has groups of different diseases, which makes it more dangerous.

What is the treatment for Lewy body dementia?

There is no cure for Lewy body disease yet, but in some cases, brain surgery is done according to the symptoms, which shows improvement in symptoms but there is no cure for complete recovery.  Research on this is going on.

What are the stages of Lewy body disease?

There are mainly four stages but we have added some additional stages for categories.

  1. No or very less Cognitive Decline in this Lewy body symptoms can’t be detected.
  2. Mild Cognitive decline in this Lewy body symptoms can be detected by family members.
  3. Moderate Cognitive Decline in this stage Lewy’s body disease shows their symptoms which is affect daily movement.
  4. Severe Cognitive Decline in this stage of Lewy body disease patient unable to walk, speech problem is the common, required assistant for daily routine.
Lewy body disease | Lewy body dementia
Lewy body disease | Lewy body dementia

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

How long can you live with Lewy body disease?

Seeing the speed of degeneration of the neurons of the patient, doctors prescribe this, there is no fixed time to stay alive in such Lewy body disease.

Does Lewy body dementia run in families?

Some research suggests that it can be genetically transferred as well and can run in families, but this is a subject of contradictory discussion.

What is the best treatment for Lewy body dementia?

Meditation and yoga can improve the lewy body disease condition.

How do you deal with Lewy body dementia?

The family members has a important role, talk to families, do regular meditation, yoga, etc.

Why is Lewy body dementia so bad?

In Lewy’s body dementia the Neron cells die, memory become lost over time and lead to death Due to this Lewy body dementia is so bad.

Does Lewy body dementia affect vision?

It may be losing your eye vision because neuron cell degeneration occurs in this disease but it may not be seen in every person.

Do Lewy bodies show up on MRI?

Yes, it definitely has shown up on MRI because due to the alpha-synuclein protein accumulation it makes cyst in neuron of the brain.

Is there a link between blue eyes and dementia?

No, Eye colors depend on the pigmentation it doesn’t have any relation with dementia.

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