How will the covid-19 vaccine reach you?

The world has been the victim of this epidemic since 2019.  Together we have almost fired 2020.  As 2021 draws near, the whole world is in search of a vaccine for Covid-19 and thinking about How will the covid-19 vaccine reach you?

As we wish the new year of 2021, we are getting closer to the discovery of the vaccine of Covid-19.

The WHO Director of Department of Immunization, vaccine and biologicals said this while answering how the Covid-19 vaccine would reach individuals during talks in the Science in 5 show on Saturday.

Kate:- In past few weeks we have reported the vaccine prevention and this is the first time when we reported that kinds of data.

The vaccine passes through the regular process after a deep analysis of data.

People have to understand that the vaccine at the initial stage going to in limited supply. It may not be delivered at the immediate.

We will share it as prioritization. The Health workers priority for the vaccination after rollout who are at very high risk of Covid.

Then, people who are at higher risk of server disease and old individuals.

We don’t know the protection period pf vaccine and How much it last.

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