Curd or yogurt with no suspicion is a tasty treat for our flavor buds. It is also very well known for standing as a natural, realistic, and readily accessible ingredient, granting tons of fitness advantages. Here we will know about how we can use curd for weight loss.

However, there is another incredible fact about curd that numerous people are yet not familiar with it. 

It is a superfood for weight loss! Affirmatively, it assists in maintaining our body weight under grip by reducing extra fat. 

The method is totally natural, comfortable, and highly beneficial. 

So, let’s analyse why and how to consume curd for losing weight and understand to choose the best category of curd for relishing the ultimate results. 

Keep reading this article to formulate your weight loss march smoother with the metaphysical impacts of curd.

Should You Eat Curd for Weight Loss? Why? 

Curd can boost you in falling 61% additional body fat and 22% other body weight related to any different low-calorie food. 

Other low calorie nutrients are not certainly enriched with protein and calcium. But thanks to the curd as it contains all of them. 

People who like a flat stomach and desire to lose weight near their lower body fraction, they should integrate curd in their food. 

Ways to Eat Curd for Weight Loss? 

Now the concern emerges, how to eat curd so that it stimulates weight loss. We will instruct you here how to consume curd to lose weight. 

1. If you’re intending to lose weight, you should eat up three cups of flat and unsweetened curd regularly every day. 

2. You can consume curd at any moment of the day, be it morning, lunch, or night meal. You can keep it in the night as a low-fat agent. 

3. You can make additions like honey, cornflakes, fruits, etc. to enrich the taste. But make straightforward the additions are only in the restricted amounts. Expanding several aspects will harm your objective. 

How To Find The Best Type Of Curd? 

Glance into the local stores, and you will discover many varieties of this modest food entity. So, which ones among them can benefit you to get relieved of undesirable bodyweight? 

Are you stunned about the type of choosing curd or yoghurt to eat up for obtaining a slimtrim posture? 

The rules are as follows 

• Do not ignore to test the protein grades of curds while concentrating on cal. A low-cal curd must retain at slightest 12 to 15 grams of protein to maintain your entire for a crucial duration. • Homemade low-fat curd prepared from cow’s milk rather than buffalo is somewhat healthful and beneficial for weight loss. 

• If you are an enthusiast of fruit-flavoured variants, make obvious you wield fruits with low-cal quantities.

• Greek yogurt is one of the best options that you can always bring about for losing weight. It comprises barely 90 calories and minimal sugar (only 7 grams), which is incredibly healthful for your posture and burns extra kilograms. 

• Other Greek yogurt, there are varieties of curd, resulting in no extra than 130 calories or 1 gm of fat per consumption. These are moreover very useful for maintaining your body posture under the grip. 

• Be thorough while leaning toward the low calorie and low-fat curd variations ready on the call. They might say the healthfullest choice, but in truth, they are burdened with sugar as good as synthetic sweeteners. Many of them might comprise corn syrup which, being huge fructose contains, is not at all an excellent option for weight reduction. 

• Low-calorie (less than 100 calories) curds high in protein and calcium can promote weight loss significantly. 

The distinction between Curd and Yogurt : 

Protein Valuation,

One hundred grams of yogurt comprises three grams of protein, and so on, 100 gms of Curd contains 11 grams of protein nutrition. 

Moreover, amino acids are the base in a bunch in both nutrients. Amino acids play a crucial part in benefiting tissue fitness. 

Fat Content 

Yogurt, in its quantity, has enormous portions of moistened fats than curd. One hundred grams of yogurt comprises three grams of entire fats, 2 grams of which is inundated fat, but 100 grams of curd comprise four grams of fatty acids, of which two gms is irrigated fat. 

It is crucial also to take a memo that both curd and yoghurt retain the exact quantity of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. 

Calorie Content 

One hundred grams of yogurt comprises 61 cals, whereas 29 cals appear from lard. On another hand, 100 gms of Curd comprises 98 cals of which 38 cals attain from fat. 


100 gm of yogurt involves five gms of carb, and in 100 gms of curd, it includes only three of carbs. It is also vital to remark that sugar in lactose is the primary carb form in Yogurt. 

Vitamins And Minerals 

Yoghurt and curd are generally considered as a promising citation of essential vitamins and minerals. 

Should we eat curd at night?

The curd is bulky to absorb. It is moreover hectic in efficacy. Accordingly, when eaten after the evening, it may infringe with your nap as additional fuel is imposed for its digestion. 

It also accelerates the secretion of mucus, creating the circumstance adverse for someones who have asthma disease. 

According to the Ayurveda, curd includes Vata but boosts Kapha and pitta dosha. At the twilight, the Kapha Dosha gets increased. 

Therefore, if the curd is absorbed during the night, the impact of Kapha Dosha is improved. Besides, the consumption of curd in darkness may also result in inequality in the Pitta Dosha. 

In the possibility you cannot abstain from consuming curd at night, you can dine it only after putting in a sprinkle of black pepper and pebble salt. 

In some circumstances, fenugreek powder can be put in if you can assume the barely bitter flicker of the powder. 

Stomach spasms can be lessened by amplifying the fenugreek powder to curd. 

Other choices used as ghee, amla, and honey can yet be expanded to curd when you eat it at night. Instead, you can alter curd through buttermilk. 

It will assist in cleaning the mucus secretions. Thanks for reading.


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