Covid-19 have is still going on in India, but if we talk about some analysis, then based on them, where can it go that Covid-19 is going to be reduced in India now.

If we talk about the new covid-19 figures in India, it has now reached close to 10 crore 1 lakh and the number of recovered patients has also reached 1crore.

But now what Covid-19 Is it going to reduce now in India. Let’s see this.

Talking about the last few days, more people are getting recovered from the confirmed cases of Covid-19 coming daily. Which is a very good sign for India and it means that if such people continue to be recovered, then India will be successful in defeating covid-19.

The figures for India as on 22 December 2020 were as follows, Total Confirmed Cases 23880 and Total Recovered Patient 27032. In the Active cases figures 3498 patients also have shown a decline.


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